Bye Laws & Code of conduct


Any Automobile owner, worker, residing in India or abroad who has shown sufficient evidence of his/her involvement and interest in Automobile Sangam Activites is eligible to become member. He/she may apply to the Secretary of the Sangam with his/her application supported by two members. The Governing Body (Executive Committe) of the sangam shall decide on the admittance of the applicant to the Sangam. The Governing Body (Executive Committe) may refuse any person for Membership provided reasons for refusal shall be communicated to the person Concerned.

  • Member Eligible Age between 18 - 81 years.
  • At least minimum he/she has an Automobile Vehicle owner / or
  • He/She may be Automobile – Business/Works - Employer / Employee


  • Service Oriented positive persons
  • No wastage to any by time/work/money
  • Ceiling of 366 members (add) per Zone
  • One India/One Nation/One Motto with Transparency Digital updated ever
  • Central & State Govt. Schemes utilisation