Category of Members

The Sangam shall consist of only few category of members: viz; President, Secretary, Treasurer, Administrator , Co-ordinator, Associated Members, Facilitators and Advisors. Further, the secretary may also have Associated & Royal members who are proposed by the EC at the recommendation of any one of the members of the EC based up on their contribution of the nominee to the sangam.

Eligibility for Membership

Any Automobile owner, worker, residing in India or abroad who has shown sufficient evidence of his/her involvement and interest in Automobile Sangam Activites is eligible to become member. He/she may apply to the Secretary of the Sangam with his/her application supported by two members. The Governing Body (Executive Committe) of the sangam shall decide on the admittance of the applicant to the Sangam. The Governing Body (Executive Committe) may refuse any person for Membership provided reasons for refusal shall be communicated to the person Concerned.

Instant Membership fee - Rs. 366+ per annum
Regular Active Membership fee - Rs 1777+ Cabinet Member fee: Rs.12777+;Executive Member fee:Rs.27777+ ( reduce ending 5555 instead of 7777)
Foreign member life membership fee - As per country levied.
Other type of subscription,service charges give and take policy fee will be levied.

Cessation of Membership

a.     Any member may withdraw from the Sangam by giving a written notice to the Secretary of his/her intention to do so, but such notice must reach him at least one calendar month before the 31st December in each year, failing which the member will also be liable to the Sangam for subscription for the following one year.

b.     Majority of two-thirds or more of the total number of members voting in person may, by resolution passed at an annual or an extraordinary general meeting expel any member who in their opinion is guilty of conduct contrary to the interests of the Sangam and any such member shall cease to be a member of the Sangam from the date of passing this resolution but may be proposed again for membership after the expiry of 12 calendar months from that date.

c.     A member whose subscription is in arrears for three months shall not vote for any purpose whatsoever until such arrears have been cleared and if he casts his vote, it shall not be counted. A member whose subscription is in arrears for more than three months shall lose all the privileges of membership until his subscription has been paid and the Governing Body may at their discretion; order the removal of the defaulting member’s name from the Register of members.

d.     Any member who ceases to be a member shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay to the society all monies which at the time of such member ceasing to be due from him/her to the society. The Governing Body (Executive Committee) shall have the power to waive either fully or partly the subscription in arrears in the event of such a member seeking readmission.

Register of Members

The Society shall maintain a Register of Members and record the names and addresses of all members for the time being and all changes in the membership which take place from time to time.

Rights & Privileges

a.     Registered members will receive all the printed literature/journal etc. brought out by the Sangam.

b.     Registered members will have that right to attend all General body meetings and cast their votes as well as lodge their grievances, if any.


The Governing Body (Executive Committee) of the society will consist of:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. General Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Joint Secretary
6. Executive Committee members- Six (6)

For the first time of the Governing body (Executive Committee) is considered by members nominated by the founder and desirous members.

The term of the Governing Body (Executive Committee) shall be 2(two) years. Nomination for each post will be sought from General Body and elections will be held by secret ballot biannually at the time of Annual General Body meeting. In the first year of the society, only 3 members shall be elected for the post of Executive Committee members. Three more members shall be elected in the next year and subsequent years. The three senior members shall retired at the end of the term i.e. 2 years, but are eligible for election. Those members who are unable to attend the meeting shall send their vote by registered post to the Secretary of the Society.

Functions of the Governing Body (Executive Committee)


All meetings of the Governing Body or General Body shall be chaired by the President.


To perform the functions of the President in his absence.


Agenda dates, venue etc., shall be drawn out by the secretary in consultation with the President. All records pertaining to the memberships, circular, meeting etc. shall be maintained by the Secretary. Minutes of all meetings shall also be recorded by the Secretary.


Accounts of income and expenditure shall be maintained by the Treasurer. An item wise register shall be maintained with the Treasurer. Sanction of money on various scientific activities shall be done by the Secretary. A statement of accounts shall be presented at the Annual General Body meeting by the treasurer.


To perform all the duties as desired by the President and the Secretary General, to act as Secretary General in his absence.


The Governing Body (Executive Committee) members shall assist in formulating various activities of the Sangam/ They shall keep the members informed on various developments and needs of the Sangam.

The Governing Body shall work together to meet the objectives of the sangam and will have the right to plan the course of activities like arrangement of Lectures/Seminars/ Workshops, the venue and time and other details, after the agenda is passed by the Governing Body it shall be put to General Body for its approval for implementation.


The Governing Body shall meet as often as it may think fit, and shall make such regulations as it considered proper as to the summoning and holding of its meetings, but the record of its proceedings shall be pen to the inspection of the members of the Society.


One-third of the Governing Body present in person shall form a quorum for the transaction of business, but if any meeting has to be adjourned for want of quorum, then at the adjourned meeting the members present whatever their number shall form a quorum and shall have power to decide upon all matters which could have been disposed of at the meeting from which the adjournment took place. At the meeting of the Governing Body, voting shall be by members personally present.


If at any Governing Body meeting, the President is absent, the Vice-President will act as Chairman. In the absence of Vice President, the members of the Committee personally present at the meeting shall elect one of them as Chairman of the meeting.


Every member of the Governing Body personally present at the meeting shall have one vote and in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or a casting vote, but in the exercise of his casting vote, the Chairman shall ordinarily vote for the status quo.


An annual general body meeting will be held once in every calendar year as concluding session of the meeting/Conference. An annual report of the activities of the Sangam will be presented by the Secretary at the General Body Meeting. The dates and venue for the next year’s meeting and any other matter pertaining to Sangam’s activities shall be discussed at the meeting. The Treasurer shall present the accounts at the General Body meetings.


a.     Notice of the general body meeting and of the business to be transacted thereat shall be given 14 days previously by circular to all registered members of the Sangam.

b.     The accidental omission in giving this notice to any member of members or the non-receipt of the notice of a meeting by any member or members shall not invalidate the proceedings of any such meeting,


a.     No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum of members is present at the time when the meeting proceeds to business. The quorum at a general meeting shall be one-third members present in person.

b.     If within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum is not present, the meeting, if convened upon the requisition of members shall be dissolved and in any other case, it shall stand adjourned to the same day after 30min and at the same time and place, and at any adjourned meeting the members present and entitled to vote whatever their number, shall form a quorum and shall have power to decide upon all matters which could have been disposed of at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.


a.     The Governing Body may, whenever they think fit, call an Extra-ordinary general meeting and shall do so on receiving a written requisition signed by at least 07 members of the Sangam for the time being.

b.     Upon receipt of such requisition, the Governing Body shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and, if the meeting is not convened within 14 days of such requisition being received by the secretary, the requisitionists or a majority of them may themselves convene the meeting and all expenses of convening the same shall be borne by the Sangam. Any meeting convened by the requisitionists shall be convened in the same manner as nearly as possible as that in which general meetings are to be convened by the Sangam.


a.     If at any General meeting, the president is absent, the meeting shall be presided by the Vice president. If Vice president is also absent, the meeting shall elect one of the Governing Body members as Chairman of the meeting. The Chairman of the meeting shall have an original and also a casting vote, but in exercise of the casting vote, he shall ordinarily vote for the status quo.

b.     The Chairman of the meeting may with consent of the meeting adjourn any meeting, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.


At any General Body meeting a resolution, other than for election of the Governing Body, put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands. If a pool is demanded, it shall be taken in such manner and at such time and place and either immediately or after an adjournment not exceeding 7 days as the Chairman of the meeting directs and the result of the poll as declared by the Chairman of the meeting shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting at which the poll was demanded.


The sangam shall maintain a correct and true record of the proceedings of the general meetings as well as the meetings of Governing Body (Executive Committe) as required under the Act.


a.     Registration fees during the conference organized by the SangamMembership Subscription collected from the members.

b.     Financial aid shall be obtained from bodies like Food,Cloth,Land,Communication,Entertainment industry etc, and also from appropriate private organizations devoted to the promotion of Automobile Advises as and when required

c.     Money shall also be collected from raising donations, advertisements released in Journals/Proceedings/ other Publications brought out at the time of awareness creation programme, General Body etc.


Financial year shall end at the time of Annual meeting (last week of December/ beginning of January) when an audited account of the Income and Expenditure statement will be presented by the Treasurer.

The books of account of the Sangam shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Sangam or at such other place as the Governing Body may think fit.

The Governing Body shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and what time and place, and under what conditions and regulations, the accounts and books of the Sangam or any of them shall be open to the inspection of the members, and no members and no members shall have any right of inspecting any accounts or books or documents of the Society.


*     Nationalized Banks
*     Scheduled Banks
*     New Private Sector Banks

All the accounts in the name of “NJSJ AUTOMOBILE SANGAM” will be operated by the Treasurers/ Secretary of Sangam related to the Associate Member initially by N M P Auto Trendz. Since Sangam is a service provider act as JV with the tie up service provider and the nominal service charges will be collected by the Associated Member NMP Auto Trendz. If any Donation will be collected by the Affiliated NJSSJ Trust.

Vendors and Service Providers are enlisted by Sangam and the benefits will be passed to Members.


Once in every year a list of office bearers and members of the Governing Body shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies,Chennai as required under the rules of Government of TAMILNADU.

Amendment (alteration, extension or abridgement) of ‘purposes’ (aims and objects) or change of name shall be done as per the rules of Registrar of Sangam in the state of Tamilnadu..

The Sangam may sue or be sued in the name of President, Secretary, Treasurer as per provision laid down under the rules of Registrar of Societies, Tamilnadu.


If the Sangam need to be dissolved it shall be dissolved as per provisions laid down under the appropriate section applicable to state of Tamil Nadu.


All the provisions under all the sections of the sangam Registration Act is applicable to the state of Tamil Nadu shall apply to the Sangam.